I am glad you think so because i´ve had at least 6 people quiting on rp´s because i´ve been really busy with real life stuf/problems and just took a little while longer to reply. I mean it’s just a little thing but those little things keep piling and piling up and it’s really too much right now

Well, I myself only recently answered everything. And I am starting college soon so stuff will be hectic for me. So I can imagine you don’t have time for everything.


What. What happened?

Basicly whenever something goes good something else has to take me down into a hole again. Either people here, my family or my friends it does not matter, litterly everything is giving me stress and I am trying to cope but when I seem to have almost reached a point where I can live trough something that has happened everything is pulling me down again or something else comes up

But maybe you should block those here who drag you down, so that you only have nice people left? I mean… I would be really sad if you left.. so I would be really sad if you left just like that… I have a lot of fun rping with you, and I am patient enough to wait for whatever time you need to reply… 


My OTP makes me go from “Oh my God, they are so cute" to "SLAM THAT BITCH AGAINST A WALL AND FUCK HIM UNTIL HE BEGS FOR MERCY


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Freudian Slip
asked Anonymous



  • Freudian Slip: Muse will accidentally let their dirty thouhgts slip out in conversation.

//Mun agress.

”What the hell it’s wrong with this shit, this M!A it’s ridiculous and I would love to be fucked against a wall right now…WAIT WHAT?”

Öh that sounds hot.” Roxy. Stop smirking like that.

”It’s not hot, but you know what’s hot? using sex toys.” He wants to kill himself now.

"Yes that is hot.” He said with a wide grin. Oh how he loved it when nothing could be hidden from him.

Cloud whats up with your face? Why does it look like you lost a fight to a sewing machine?


Irritation struck upon his face as he became much more threatening then the previous innocent faces had shown. “It is ART . It is like a tattoo or piercings for you earthlings.” He hissed through his teeth, irritation still clearly visible on his face. “Besides, those stupid machines are overrated. They would never be capable of what a real craftsman of ours can do with a needle.” He hissed in disgust. “Besides, if I hadn’t sown my mouth partially closed, you stupid earthlings would get a heart attack with those frail bodies of yours whenever I open my fucking mouth.” Cloud. Please. Watch your language. It is not like they understand your planet. They understand you any less then you understand them. 
{I just do this to make sure that you get a notification for this: designer-glutton}

- 11:22


here is a transparent hinata for your hinata needs








This shits just ridiculous. Probably the worst torture in the history of torture.


So basically it’s a torture device, where a person is put into a room with slow moving sand-paper at the bottom. There is no way out.

The person has to walk forward to keep from getting send to the corner and scraped.

Eventually after days of walking, the person will get tired and won’t be able to anymore.

What happens next, is pretty gruesome and self-explanatory. 


please no

I´m a writer I whisper as I secretly find this extremely fascinating

holy shit that’s horrific

I think the only point in time in life where these would be life saving…..

It got better



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Big five
asked Anonymous
  • Big Five: Muse is blindfolded, handcuffed, gagged, collared and clamped. They cant remove any of the items.

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- 1:25